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James West
Phone: 808-854-6040
Email: naalehujim@gmail.com
Big Island Hawaii Real Estate Agent
License number 72010

Helping you buy or sell property on the Big Island of Hawaii, specialization in real estate in the southern portion but not limited to Kau or South Kona.
Jim first arrived on the Big Island in the beginning of 1985. He worked as a carpenter in Hawaii until 1992. In 2000 Jim began selling Real Estate in Northern California then moved back to Hawaii in 2006 and, after building his home, continued to sell Real Estate. He currently works for Century 21 All Islands in Waikoloa. Jim is living near Naalehu in the Waiohinu area of the Kau District, where the cows outnumber the people. Waiohinu averages about 75 degrees in the day-time and is in Jim's comfort zone.

Milolii is an ancient Hawaiian fishing villiage. It is about an hour away from Kailua, Kona in the South Kona district.

Milolii has the most affordable lots close and accessable to the ocean in Hawaii.

Fishing, swimming, diving, boating, this area has been a fishing village for many generations. It is located in South Kona not too far from Ocean View on the Big Island of Hawaii. It has the most affordable lots with easy access to the ocean of any properties I’ve seen in the state of Hawaii. Most of the affordable properties on the Hilo-side in Puna that are close to the ocean have a cliff instead of a beach and the water is too rough. In contrast to that, Milolii is sheltered from the rough seas and has a number of places that a person can get into the water. The bay where the boat ramp is located also has lots of fish and sea turtles swimming about.

This area is about an hour and a half from Kailua, Kona, about 30 minutes from Milolii in South Kona. The boat ramp in Milolii is steeper and probably a lot more protected from the weather.
South Point Boat Ramp is NOT a place for beginners to launch a boat. There are a number of hazards that could ruin a boat and/or kill a person. It is a shallow enough area that people need to put an extension on the tounge of their trailers of at least 8 to 10 feet. If the swells come from the wrong angle they can easily turn into waves that can turn you over or throw you into the rocks. A person needs to be good at figuring when, between the sets of waves, it is relatively safe to come in or go out. In this video the waves are in between sets and coming from a better angle.

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MLS ID #242782

Call 808-315-6263 or 907-488-7460 to speak directly with the owner of the property.

Great agriculture property not far from Kailua, Kona in the South Kona District with phenomenal views, multiple building locations for homes, barns, corrals, orchards, gardens wonderful area for growing coffee, tea, bananas, or vegetables.

Seller has improved the growing conditions by the grading and was extremely impressed by the amazing rate of growth of vegetation compared to neighboring properties!

Owner Will Finance!
20% down at 5% of the purchase price amortized over 30 years, full payment in 5 years or 25% down no interest, 30 years amortization full payment in five years.

Fantastic ocean and coastal views from five acres of good farm land, zoned agricultural. Plant coffee like the neighbor and sell Kona Coffee. Ride your horse with room to gallop. Enjoy country living with city shopping just minutes away.

Kawa is a little known Surfing location between Naalehu and Pahala in the Kau District on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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Trail that is about 7.3 miles in length in the Kau Desert on the Big Island in Hawaii.

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Here is an absolutely beautiful little beach a number of miles from South Point on a very rugged 4 wheel drive trail. This South point beach is popular with local folks and week ends and holidays it will be filled. It is easy to see why. Check out this video of one of the secluded and wonderful beaches in the Ka alualu area not too far from Naalehu and Waiohinu.

Here is another nice cove and beach in the Ka alualu area not too far from Naalehu, Waiohinu and South Point areas.

This is a nice little surfing spot in the Ka alualu area not too far from Naalehu, Waiohinu and South Point areas.

Jun 10th

Little Town of Pahala on the Big Island of Hawaii

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Here is a short tour of Pahala an old Sugar Mill Town.

Punaluu also known as Black Sand Beach can be found between Naalehu and Pahala in the Kau District on the Big Island of Hawaii. Turn makai, (toward the ocean,) and drive past the beautiful golf course until you reach the beach. There, turtles can be found by looking for groups of tourists posing next to them. these endangered turtles have made a nice come-back here because they and there nesting sites near and beyond the high tide line have been protected by the local humans. For those of you that like a bit more seclusion, other small beaches, tide pools and freshwater ponds can be found by walking to the southwest. The fresh water pools have populations of fish and prawns with an occasional turtle sleeping on the bottom under water.

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Roy is welcoming the public to his busnesses at the Wong Yuen store that was built in 1934 here in Waiohinu. Waiohinu became the “County Seat” in about 1900 after Hawaii became a U.S. territory. Then, a Courthouse was built along with a Post Office, Jail and School. Now, Waiohinu is just an area and Naalehu has the Court House and Post Office as well as a Police Station. Waiohinu is one of the nicest places I’ve lived.

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Roam around on fantastic rock formations. Lava tubes extend under parts of this property adding to the mystery of mother nature’s creations. This is now an expired listing but if you are interested, contact me and I’ll contact the owner.